Kindergarten teachers are really excited about the upcoming school year. We would like to inform you of some important information.

Kindergarten Teachers - Click on the Teacher's Name to access their email:

Carlie Muldowney
Jamie Carneal
Christy Jackson
Jean Saunders
Valerie Taylor



    Homework is very important because it reinforces skills taught in the classroom throughout the year.  Please check your child’s folder daily for any homework assignments or any papers sent home.    
    Read with your child on a nightly basis to help build your child's reading skills. Review sight words to increase reading response time for fluency.  Ask them questions about the story to help your child with comprehension.

Daily Folders 
    The teachers will send home daily folders that will contain your child’s behavior, homework, finished papers, and/or notes from school. Please review this nightly! It is our way to communicate with you and you can communicate with your child’s teacher.


    TES breakfast/lunch program can be bought on a pre-paid basis once a week. You can also pay by check - it should be made out to Tappahannock Elementary School.

    All students need the required supplies in order for us to proceed with instruction. Please take each item out of the package and label them with your child's name using a magic marker. 
    As the year progresses, your teacher will send home notices informing you if your child needs any more supplies. Please replenish supplies promptly because this may prevent work from being completed.

Supply List

Rest Mat (Kindermat)
Backpack with zipper 
2 Boxes of Crayola Crayons
4 Pkgs of regular size pencils (not Dixon or mechanical)
NO Pencil Sharpeners
1 Pair of rounded end scissors (Fiskar)
1 Full Size Plastic Crayon box
12 Large or 24 Small Elmer’s Glue sticks
4 folders with 3 prongs & pockets (plastic) 
Marble Composition Book
1 Box of Tissues
Change of Clothes - labeled and placed in large ziplock bag
1 box of quart zip loc baggies
1 box of snack size baggies 
2 large tubs of Lysol Disinfecting wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

** Please label all coats/sweaters with your child's name.**

    Parents/Guardians, you are such an important part of your child’s education. You can help by encouraging your child to study and complete his/her daily assignments. Encourage your child to be responsible for everything he/she does in or out of school. We are confident this year will be a successful learning experience for your child, and we thank you for your support.


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A.M. Instructional Block
Cont. Instruction
Recess-Group A
Finish Instruction-Group B
Recess-Group B
Finish Instruction-Group A
Cleaning up/Snack/Pack up/Restroom/Nap/Remediation

ABC Match