Fourth Grade

 Welcome to the Fourth Grade!

    The Fourth grade team is excited about this year. This is an important year for your child. There is a significant amount of material to be covered based on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). In order to master all of it, we expect all of our students to work hard, and develop skills as independent, responsible, organized, self-discipline workers. As we begin a new year, we want to share some important information with you about our team and classroom.

Fourth Grade Teams

Language Arts

Math, VA Studies, Science

Ms. Jennifer Winkler

Mr. Marvin Wright

Whitney Orlando 

Allison Janiec

Michelle Dungee

Michael Stewart
Special Education


 Daily Schedule

 8:00 - 8:35   Homeroom
 8:35 - 9:20  Specials
9:20 - 11:30  Period 1
 11:30 - 12:00 Remediation
 12:00 - 12:20  Recess
12:20  - 12:50 Lunch
 12:50  -  3:00  Period 2
3:00    Dismissal


    Homework is an important part of your child’s education.  It helps with the development of organizational skills, a sense of responsibility, and mastery of academic skills and knowledge.  Your child will benefit greatly from your support and encouragement at home.  Providing supplies, a quiet workspace, and generous support can foster this effort. Homework is written on the board daily. It is your child’s responsibility to copy it down in his/her TES agenda book. Please check your child’s agenda nightly for homework assignments, and review the assignment to ensure that all assignments are completed. Teachers will also communicate with you if needed through the agenda.

 Homework will be assigned nightly (Monday-Thursday).

Weekly Folders

    The teachers will send home a folder weekly that will contain your child’s graded work.  Each 4th grade team will notify you of what day they send home your child’s weekly folder at the beginning of the school year. Please ensure that you ask your child for the weekly folder, and check for any work that must be signed by you and returned to the teacher. Please be sure to return the weekly folder quickly as it will be needed for the next week’s work. Homework sheets and any important notes from school will be placed in the daily homework folder.


    All students need the required supplies in order for us to proceed with our instruction. As the year progresses, please check frequently for any materials that need to be replenished. If you are having difficulty providing any of your child’s supplies for any reason, please contact the teacher. We will see what we can do to help.

SOL Review

Social Studies PowerPoints

Science & Math SOL Practice

SOL Pass

 Helpful Websites


 Language Arts


 Hoodamath  Harcourt Language  Kidport Science
 Math Play  Language Arts-SoftSchools  ScienceNetLinks
 Multiplication  Gamequarium  Discovery Education
 Math-SoftSchools  Parts of Speech  Khan Academy
 AAA Math  Spelling with Vowels  Science

    We are looking forward to a fantastic year!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.  We are eager to establish and maintain open communication between school and home. You can leave a message for us at 443-5301 or reach us by e-mail and we will respond in a timely fashion. Once again, we look forward to our partnership in your child’s education!